Strategies for the preparation of coursework on sociology in the III span of education

Strategies for the preparation of coursework on sociology in the III span of education

The program work of the third-year pupil is a part of imaginative research written works in the operational system of bachelor of sociology, which can be being a logical Continuation of developments in the past history and concept of sociology, serves once the foundation of this thesis study that is final.

The goal of the course work with the 3 program

Course works are executed because of the goal of consolidating, deepening and summarizing the information gained by students throughout their studies into the control, to make the skills of medical research. Topic coursework is developed annually in accordance with the scheduled system associated with the discipline. The supervisor supplies the variety of indicative subjects of coursework at the start of year.

Thematic parts of the discipline “Methodology and types of sociological research” are presented in 4 primary areas: “Methodological bases of sociological study of social reality”, “Measurement of social phenomena and processes”, “Quantitative types of sociological research”, “Qualitative ways of sociological research.”

The point and goals associated with program work

The objective of the program work is the forming of abilities and approbation of acquired knowledge in neuro-scientific calculating social phenomena and procedures on the basis of the application of quantitative ways of sociological research. The utilization of the target involves the solution that is consistent for the following tasks:

– the growth of a sociological eyesight for the variety of manifestations of social phenomena and a knowledge of the research into the relationship of aspects of life in characteristics;

– consolidation of abilities of systematization and generalization of theoretical and methodological tips when you look at the primary sounding the subject industry of research;

– the forming of skills for the formula of fundamental aspects of the program of a certain sociological research on the dimension of social phenomena and operations and their specification into the framework associated with specialization of education. […]